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    A passive talent engagement solution for small teams

Why Passively?

Solving complex problems starts with recruiting better people.

When scaling a small team, culture is priority number one.

Leaders spend countless amounts of resources and time focused on improving it. What they all learn is that there is no “quick fix” to building a strong team and growing an infectious culture around it. It’s a critical problem that brings down even the best ventures.

At Passively, we solve this by helping teams uncover and engage with the best. We combine proven passive candidate engagement skills, a cutting edge technical stack, and a massive private network.

Stop sorting through sub-par applicants and job hoppers.

We identify and interact with the best talent on the market.

By focusing on passive candidates only, we are able to avoid the low hanging fruit spawned by job boards, out-of-date resume databases, and other funnels that are targeted towards job applicants who make up the other 90% of the talent market.

We source based on fit, not availability, which makes our candidate quality unmatched.

Our Process


  • Campaign optimization
  • Research
  • Marketing copywriting
  • Strategy & planning


  • Linkedin
  • Alternative social media
  • GitHub and other niche sites.
  • Rapid data aggregation software
  • Internal database


  • Emails
  • Social media
  • Inmails
  • Automated campaigns
  • Phone
  • Skype/Slack, etc.


  • In depth conversations
  • Culture fit
  • Technical screening
  • Detailed presentations
  • Feedback templates and review automation.


  • Interview scheduling and coordination.
  • Candidate nurturing
  • Reference gathering
  • Offer negotiation

We specialize in sourcing passive talent for small teams

Some of our favorites include:


How we work

Our goal is always to identify and segment only the top performing candidates on the market.

We do this by providing a screening process that weeds out the underwhelming and anyone with glaring flaws. Simply stated, we start with the best and then drill down from there. By the time a candidate makes it to our customers, they are completely ready for a face to face interview, having been fully screened and vetted in a 1-on-1 setting.

Boost your brand while hiring the best.

Because we specialize in being your brand champions, and not working to cash some inflated success fee, you are spared from the usual method of flinging any and all resumes that come through at you and hoping something sticks, which is a classic result from success fee recruiters. Instead, we focus on screening for culture first and skills second.

Give us the job description and get on with your life.

Rest easy knowing that your critical growth is being handled by the best in the business. Focus on big picture and critical tasks, while only reviewing fully vetted and interested top candidates.

We will help you coordinate interviews, run background checks, negotiate offers, and nurture candidate relationships providing a higher level of engagement and unbeatable brand equity.

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